Project Description

Chuck Kendig

Assistant VP of Logistics, Sales & Production Planning
American Honda

The Connection Between the Employee and Customer Experience

In this interactive Q&A session between American Honda and The Minery, Chuck Kendig and Heather Macpherson will be addressing the importance of the employee experience and the two-way connection between customer and employee experiences.  He’ll discuss his personal experience and key lessons learned from overseeing the retail client experience at Acura.  Chuck will also explain how he has utilized these insights to improve both the engagement of his internal teams and the customer experience.

About Chuck Kendig

Chuck started with Honda while finishing his business degree in Portland, Oregon.  He has held various leadership roles in parts, service, sales, marketing, and operations.  For 7 years he lead Acura’s fixed operations in the U.S. where he grew numbers for parts sales, service market share and associate engagement, while also showing an unprecedented increase in dealer satisfaction.  For the past two years Chuck has been leading American Honda’s automobile Sales & Production Planning and Logistics operations. Prior to Honda, Chuck was a navigator and operations officer for the U.S. Coast Guard in the Pacific Northwest and New England. Interests include sailing, scuba diving, (pretty much anything water related) and travel.  Chuck has one daughter (Ashley) and son-in law (William), and granddaughter (Olivia), who live and work in Portland.

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