Project Description

David Zwick

RedCap Automotive Technology

Meeting Customer Expectations in an Amazon/Uber Environment

  • Delivering frictionless customer experiences for sales and service
  • Service appointments and test drives of the future
  • Valuing customer time more than money or a discount

About David Zwick

David is an Automotive Industry outsider who is fascinated with the shifting sands in transportation, ownership vs. access, and frictionless consumer experiences.  As a 3 time entrepreneur whose caught the automotive bug, his company, RedCap Automotive Technology, created the Out of Store Experience category and David regularly speaks on the topic.

With 30+ years as a consumer of various products and services, David identifies and resolves consumer pain points related to the vehicle ownership experience using nontraditional solutions that breed long-term customer loyalty at a cost that is less than common industry methods.

When not traveling, David lives in Ft Lauderdale, FL with his wife of 20 years, his two teenage sons, and a few embarrassingly small dogs.  When not thinking about the automotive industry, David spends his time on the water, listening to great music and with friends/family.  A perfect day is being able to do all three at the same time.

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