Project Description

Heather Macpherson

The Minery

The Connection Between the Employee and Customer Experience

In this interactive Q&A session between American Honda and The Minery, Chuck Kendig and Heather Macpherson will be addressing the importance of the employee experience and the two-way connection between customer and employee experiences.  He’ll discuss his personal experience and key lessons learned from overseeing the retail client experience at Acura.  Chuck will also explain how he has utilized these insights to improve both the engagement of his internal teams and the customer experience.

About Heather Macpherson

Starting out as a dealership consultant over 20 years ago, Heather quickly saw a gap in automotive technology and dealership needs.  Drawing from her experience with clients along with direct dealership and OEM feedback, she perfected a suite of solutions that are evolving with the automotive industry.  They are dynamic in nature yet based on proven methodology.

The Minery is best described as a hybrid of technology and consulting services targeted for automotive clients.  Their innovative Client Experience strategy utilizes a proprietary 360 scorecard, incorporating self-assessments, 3rd party evaluators, and mystery shoppers.  It also features a way to transfer the feedback into specific action items, allowing for easy tracking and remediation.  Now in its 10th year, The Minery has two main areas of focus: helping OEMs improve their brand and helping dealers improve their performance.

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