Project Description

James Reutershan

Strategy Development Manager

Digital Customer Care and Loyalty Strategies

While the auto industry historically has a bad image regarding the customer experience, today’s reality is that the vast majority of retailers focus intently on the customer experience and are very open to adopting innovative best practices. In his presentation, James will discuss customer care strategies from outside of the industry that can be adapted to automotive. He’ll also explain how digital can enable these strategies with both precision and scale. Specifically, James will cover three customer care strategies used by brands outside of automotive that can help build relationships with customers between purchases to improve retention.

About James Reutershan

James Reutershan is a Strategy Development Manager at Google. Since joining in 2012, he has been providing the automotive team and its clients with actionable insights. Melding Google/YouTube data with 3rd party research and industry knowledge, he makes strategy recommendations using data as the jumping off point rather than the end.

Prior to Google, James conducted Political Risk Analysis for U.S. Government defense and intelligence agencies- focusing on open source research. During that time he was trained in signal analysis and executive briefing by the former Presidential daily briefer to George W. Bush.

 A collegiate water polo player, today he enjoys swimming and staying active.

 James received a bachelor’s of science degree in political science with a minor in sociology and anthropology from Colgate University.

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