Project Description

Nathalie Choy

Senior Marketing Innovation, Web, & Digital Performance Manager
Kia Motors America

Bots and Brands: A Marriage, or Just a Fling?

We’ve entered a period of media abundance where there have never been more options at our fingertips.  This is called Peak Distraction – the point where our attention has gone kaput.  In order to break through, every brand must deliver the value and utility of a Service Brand.  Not just with products, but with the brand experience itself…..because in this era, customer loyalty is earned as much from their experience with the brand as it is from the product itself.

Nathalie will review Kia’s experience with the one medium able to consistently deliver value to customers – messaging.  Messaging provides a massive addressable audience, and advancements in software (machine learning and natural language processing) have ushered in a new paradigm where brands are able to cultivate 1:1 relationships with every customer.  Nathalie will explain how Kia utilized messaging along with a Bot for the introduction of the Kia Niro providing a unique customer experience, explaining a new vehicle technology, exciting their target audience, and generating hand-raisers.  Nathalie will also provide a look forward, when the importance of Conversational Interfaces will become table-stakes for brands – akin to the apps of the past seven years.

About Nathalie Choy

Nathalie Choy is responsible for website strategy & operations, marketing innovation, and digital insights for Kia Motors America.  Nathalie has worked with Kia for 6 years, 2 of which was on the agency side (iCrossing) launching Kia’s eLead Management System.  Nathalie manages various agencies responsible for the creation of videos, apps, CGI, and interactive experiences.  She also oversees technology innovation in the areas of AR/VR experiences, artificial intelligence/chatbots, and conversational interfaces.  She proudly led the team that launched Kia’s first ever award-winning chatbot, NiroBot.  More recently, Nathalie led an internal department-wide initiative around Customer Journey Mapping, providing Kia Marketing and its partner agencies a framework which puts the customer at the center of everything Kia does.

Prior to Kia, Nathalie had over 12 years of professional experience in management consulting, digital marketing, and strategy working with companies such as Nissan, Infiniti, Accenture, Siemens, Toshiba, Xerox, and TransAmerica.  She is a citizen of the world, having lived 3 years in Vietnam, 8 years in Paris, 2 years in Singapore, and most recently 4 years in Shanghai – where she worked at Siemens in the Technology-To-Business Division as Manager of Strategic Initiatives.  For now, she calls Irvine, CA home where she works and lives with her husband, 2 kids, and Sharpei-Lab.

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