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Steve Hall

Founder & President

How Culture Drives the Customer Experience

With so much pressure on short term performance it is often hard for leaders to position their businesses to play the long game and build a culture that truly cares about creating value for all stakeholders.  Steve is a passionate believer that a culture of care and conscious capitalism achieve extraordinary results.  He’ll offer key insights on how driversselect is using the principles of conscious capitalism to build a sustainable retail model that is projected to sell over 10,000 vehicles in 2017.  Steve will provide real world examples of how sustainable sales and profits are generated through conscious leadership, conscious culture, stakeholder orientation, and higher purpose.  Through a unique and engaging fireside discussion Steve will share driversselect’s journey in conscious capitalism including:

  • Why leaders get the results they deserve and how organizations improve at the pace of their leadership
  • Why recruiting and retaining people may not be as difficult as you think
  • How growth is derived by creating value for all stakeholders
  • Why it’s critical to define the types of relationships you want with employees, customers, and community
  • How leading with higher purpose creates focus and removes complexity that impedes growth
  • The importance of rhythms, rituals, customs, and beliefs in your organization
  • Why a great customer experience and brand reputation reflects how leadership cares about people

About Steve Hall

Steve Hall is founder and CEO of driversselect, a purpose based retailer of nearly new vehicles based on the principles of Conscious Capitalism—conscious leadership, conscious culture, leading with a higher purpose and having a focus on creating value for all stakeholders. Hall believes driversselect is a platform that will serve as an exemplar for how businesses can scale and achieve sustainable profits through a culture of CARE. The “culture of care” model is based on a concept of creating value for each key stakeholder in order to generate unprecedented levels of loyalty from employees, suppliers, customers and local communities. driversselect is a privately held with revenues exceeding $170M and projected to sell over 10,000 vehicles in 2017.

Hall also serves as the Chairman of the National Automotive Finance Association, a board member of YPO (Young Presidents Organization) and is active in helping promote the tenets of Conscious Capitalism.

Steve received his business degree from James Madison University.

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