New Consumer Privacy Law Takes Effect


“Personally, I like being tracked,” says Tim Woo of RPA during his presentation at the TLS Automotive CS Summit 2019. “I get relevant messages as a result. I appreciate that. Proper use of collected consumer data “improves people’s lives,” he says.

How car dealers can avoid data pitfalls


As technology empowers us to drill down into ever-deeper layers of data and detail, it is important that dealership management retain the ability to regularly think up. “No data sources can quantify emotions, but emotions trump logic,” says Eric Dreisbach of the NADA Academy.

How to Bridge the Gap between Automotive Marketing and CX Delivery


Ali Fawaz, General Manager & Senior Director, Worldwide Automotive chairs the VOC track at TLS Automotive CX Summit Series June 18-20th and will describe the trick to driving business from digital channels such as Google’s local pack and automotive review sites is to ensure your customers become local advocates by delivering the best-possible experience.

Automotive CX Summit — Get Inspired: The Power of Great Experiences!


Customer Experience is now the #1 business differentiator and companies are transforming their businesses through CX Management as they anticipate massive changes in the industry due to emerging technology and new entrants that are redefining how consumers shop, buy, own, use, and drive. The Automotive CX Summit addresses both the technology required to digitize and automate CX business processes and the strategies required to leverage data, customer insights, and cultural change.