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Dorsey McGlone Russell

Customer Experience Market Offering Lead

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About Dorsey McGlone Russell

Dorsey McGlone Russell is a Customer Experience Market Offering Lead, within the Customer Strategy and Applied Design offering at Deloitte consulting. Dorsey is an accomplished strategist and customer experience thought leader with a unique combination of world-class consulting and in-the-trenches startup experience. She consistently provides keen insights into how to create superior customer experiences that lead to enhanced company profitability and customer delight, coupled with the expertise to create strategies that “live and breathe.” Dorsey focuses on creating practical strategies that are embraced and implemented by clients by balancing rigorous analysis with the understanding that different organizations and cultures require different modes of engagement to help them move forward with speed and intent.

Prior to joining Deloitte in November of 2014, Dorsey ran her own consumer products business, was the Vice President of Global Customer Experience at LexisNexis, and was an Associate Partner at the Monitor Group where she spent 11 years helping her clients build optimized customer experiences.

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