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John Gray

Automotive Strategy Lead

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The Customer Journey

For moments big and small, over 250m people come to Pinterest each month to plan their lives. Vehicles often play a central role in many of their lives. This session will dive into new ways to create strategies that complement where your customers are along the purchase journey from brand discovery through ownership. During this discussion, Pinterest and Canvas will take the audience through this journey, highlighting issues like the importance of reaching consumers during key life moments that precede a new vehicle purchase.

About John Gray

John Gray  leads the vertical strategy for Automotive at Pinterest. He joined Pinterest from GTB, where he led the Platforms & Partnerships group which, among other things, worked closely on Ford’s ad technology strategy. Previously, he was VP of Interactive Media at Enlighten,

and a partner and an associate communications director at JWT in Detroit. John is currently saving ideas about a home movie theater, unique storage spaces and stylish footwear.

Join us at the Automotive CX Summit 2019