Nick Whittenburg

Principal, Industry Solutions

Unlocking the Omni-Channel Experience for Auto Consumers

The new age of automobiles is electric, autonomous and connected – and changing the way consumers consider, purchase and interact with their cars.  Many brands face the challenge of truly understanding and engaging their customers across an ever-expanding number of touchpoints through a myriad of disparate technologies.

This shifting landscape uncovers new opportunities and challenges that require the auto supply chain to re-think existing strategies and business models. In this session Jonathan Tabak, Group Product Manager of Adobe Analytics, will demonstrate how Adobe captures fragmented, omni-channel customer journey data and rolls it into cohesive, actionable insights that can help brands engage customers in the ultimate consumer experience.

About Nick Whittenburg

Nick Whittenburg has spent his career at Adobe specializing in the Auto industry, working with OEMs, agencies and dealers networks across automotive brands based in the US, EMEA and APAC to realize transformative customer experiences. His technical skills and Agile coaching are frequently put to good use guiding organizations undergoing cultural change as a result of digital transformation.  Prior to Adobe, he spent years leading teams building Adobe Experience Manager sites and consulting on organizational change management.  When not improving marketing organizations from the inside out, Nick moonlights as a local musician in Cincinnati where he lives with his fiancé.

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