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Peter Stevenson

Chief Executive Officer

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Personalization, a Smarter Way to Merchandise

As dealers and OEMs search for the best marketplace solutions to create value for their customers, they first need to lay a foundation for online retailing enabling them to improve the online customer experience.

FordDirect continues to support innovative marketplace solutions for their dealers and views digital retailing as the key to a great customer experience. However, off-line sales data and customer segmentation will continue to power how advertising is targeted and measured, so compelling personalized branded content is critical to continuously improving the online experience for customers.

In this session along with Dennis Berchulc, they will explain how their new platform that provides the best inventory for customers leverages personalized, one to one messaging in order to dramatically improve the online customer experience. He’ll also cover how online CX is further improved by blending VIN specific imagery with dealer branding, creating relevance and context for customers getting them local fast and increasing conversion.

About Peter Stevenson

British born, Peter has extensive international global experience deploying state of the art software and CGI solutions to dealers and OEM’s alike. Having built the premier CGI solution for OEM’s, he founded eVN to bring the same 1st class, emotive merchandising to the unique requirements of retail.

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