Project Description

Ahmed Hasan

Global Head of Customer Engagement Marketing

Leveraging Technology to Deliver Awards & Efficiency

Siloed data sources are increasingly becoming a barrier for many car manufacturers to effectively market. With the rising consumer expectation for digital content, car manufacturers must be able to adapt and transform their technology stack to drive brand engagement. For many, having the ability to manage, collaborate, and deliver content with flexibility and ease in the ever-changing automotive landscape will strengthen their brand. Hear from Chief Marketing Technology Officer, Ahmed Hasan, of Spark44 on how the in-house agency for Jaguar Land Rover created a workflow to manage and disseminate content.

About Ahmed Hasan

Ahmed Hasan is an accomplished and passionate digital marketing professional who has carved out success through non-traditional means. He is currently the Global Head of Customer Engagement Marketing at Spark44 where he is responsible for driving the transformation and strategy for digital marketing with clients. Instead of coming from a traditional advertising agency background, Ahmed possesses a technical, commercial, and process background that has allowed him to connect the technologies to the data and customer journey. With this particular skillset, he has been a part of some ground-breaking, innovative cross-channel solutions that not only deliver an end result, but disrupt an industry.

Throughout his career, Ahmed has sought opportunities to develop data-informed strategies and oversee through implementation with the mindset of continuous improvement. He has been recognized throughout his career from Best-1 at Schlumberger to MDC at GE.

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