Project Description

Erik Nachbahr

President & Founder
Helion Automotive Technologies

Preventing Cyber Phishing Attacks at Your Dealership: 4 Simple Rules

Phishing attacks are becoming more prevalent at auto dealerships. Recently a dealership experienced a phishing attack that resulted in a loss of $251,000. If you believe this won’t happen at your dealership, you are wrong. In phishing simulation tests that we have conducted, three to seven percent of dealership employees are willing to give up their credentials when prompted. In this session we will detail how the attack happened and how to stop it from happening to you. We are seeing these things happen more and more to dealerships. Its not a matter of IF this will happen, but WHEN! You cannot afford to miss this important session.

About Erik Nachbahr

Erik Nachbahr is President and Founder of Helion Automotive Technologies, the nation’s leader in automotive technology management. Since 1997 Helion has grown to become the nation’s largest managed technology services provider for auto dealers. With over 28,000 computers under management across 700 dealerships and body shops, Helion ensures best practices for productivity, security and compliance.

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