Holly Markel

Vice President Customer Experience

Shaping Great CX Through Cultural and Organizational Changes

As today’s consumers access more product information and gather answers to their questions through technology, it’s becoming more important than ever to build value in the customer experience verses your store’s product alone. Shaping great CX begins with one of the first critical moments that matter, the phone call. A great customer experience is built on expectations. If you exceed customer expectations, you delight them. If you fail, you frustrate. The experience that callers have with your dealership is largely driven by the employee on the other end of the phone and the environment leadership creates to ensure their success. In this session, Holly will share five gaps that hinder automotive dealerships from delivering great customer experiences over the phone and the cultural and organizational changes necessary to keep up with today’s consumers.

About Holly Markel

Holly is passionate about advancing businesses and inspiring people. She’s spent nearly two decades executing customer experience improvement strategies for organizations, all aimed at helping companies achieve greater success through improving how they serve their employees and customers. An expert in customer experience, Holly has developed a wide array of training and service development programs for CallRevu’s clients, from single rooftop dealerships to large scale OEM initiatives, all with a common goal to positively impact employee performance and enhance the caller experience.

“My favorite part of working with organizations is building client relationships and creating partnerships. Our clients don’t get a vendor, they get a partner who is fully invested in the success of their business”

Holly is a member of Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) is certified in Customer Experience Management (CEM), CX Strategy and Design, DiSC Workplace, and is a veteran trainer for front-line to executive level employees. She’s been featured on ABC News Nightline, contributed articles to AutoSuccess and Airport Revenue News (ARN) publication, presented at National Conferences such as SHRM, RVDA, ARN, and several OEM Training Tours and National Events.

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