Project Description

Jeremy Anspach

Chairman & Founder

Using Attribution to Master The Current Multi-Touch Environment

Years ago the buying journey was simple. A lead came into the CRM, it was tracked and if a sale resulted from that lead the vendor got credit for the sale. In today’s complex digital landscape, the car shopper has become a ghost. With sophisticated privacy settings and information available online 24/7, shoppers are not engaging dealers in a way that can be easily tracked in a dealer’s CRM. In this session, Jeremy Anspach, Chairman and Founder of Purecars will discuss how automotive advertisers can maximize their return on investment, effectively monitor performance media, and gain confidence that vendor reporting accurately represents what the dealership needs to sell more vehicles.

About Jeremy Anspach

Jeremy, a Detroit native and renowned industry speaker, has a deep understanding of the automotive industry and how the digital age has shifted consumer behavior. Armed with the industry’s most extensive data library, Jeremy founded PureCars in 2007. His drive and passion has led PureCars to become one of only seven automotive Google Premier SMB Partners. Jeremy is a true visionary and has been referred to by industry leaders as the smartest mind in digital marketing for the automotive business.

As a seasoned presenter and industry expert, Jeremy has spoken at many prominent industry events, including NADA, DrivingSales, Digital Dealer and Kain Automotive Summit. He’s also made multiple appearances on the CBT Automotive Network, as well as 20 other industry groups.

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