Project Description

Mike Spadafore

Intelligent Customer Interactions (ICI) Strategy Manager
Ford Motor Company

Tomorrow is Today: Driving True 1:1 Marketing with Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

The automotive industry understands and now leverages segment based marketing.  That’s yesterday.  With the ongoing realization of the Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning promise, tomorrow is finally today and true high velocity 1:1 marketing at scale is now actually possible.  Mike will discuss how AI/ML can and is impacting 1:1 marketing communications, changing the customer experience, and increasing learning and engagement at high velocity in the big data world of automotive analytics and digital marketing.

About Mike Spadafore

Mike Spadafore is the Intelligent Customer Interactions (ICI) Strategy Manager for Ford Motor Company.  He is responsible for the development of data and analytics driven 1:1 marketing tools and services.  Mike’s current focus is the development and operationalizing of advanced decisioning and machine learning to drive intelligent customer interactions.

Previous to his role at Ford, Mike has served as the Global Director of Product Strategy at IHS Markit and Director of Automotive at Acxiom Corporation.  Mike’s career focus has been on the strategic application of data and analytics across all three tiers in the automotive arena with a strong focus on decisioning science and artificial intelligence.  Mike has developed and launched a wide range of products/platforms including high performance campaign environments, analytically driven lead scoring and marketing, predictive model development and application, online/offline data integration, and analytically driven decisioning/next best action solutions.  Mike has worked with all top ten OEM’s and Dealer Groups along with a number of the major supporting players in the industry.  Mike studied computer science and psychology at the University of Michigan, earned his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, and is a frequent speaker on advanced 1:1 marketing, machine learning, and the data driven customer experience.

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