Project Description

Nick Sampson

SVP of Product Strategy
Faraday Future

Birth of a New Species

We are living in a time of revolutionary change in the world, a time when we can no longer thrive without technology – man without machine.  And yet, the auto industry and vehicles themselves have remained relatively unchanged.  With this technological revolution and the fact that man can no longer thrive without machine, it’s time for the industry and our vehicles to take a leap that reshapes everything – even the perception of time, and who controls time.  Faraday Future is on the verge of leading this leap by reshaping mobility solutions and redefining “performance” far beyond a 0-60 time or the number of cupholders.  Nick Sampson, SVP of Product Strategy, will present Faraday Future’s vision for the industry and will explain how Faraday Future will allow consumers to live, move, and breathe more freely.

About Nick Sampson

Nick Sampson was an originator of FF, and currently acts as the SVP of Product Strategy. He is responsible for developing the company’s global product strategy and its technical strategic partnerships. He also oversees future product concepts and platform architectures. Sampson brings over 35 years of knowledge in lean vehicle systems, adaptive chassis, automotive safety, and modular systems to FF. He also has extensive experience in sports and consumer products, sustainable energy generation, large IT data management infrastructure, and big data intelligence. Prior to joining FF, Sampson was the Director of Vehicle and Chassis Engineering at Tesla Motors. There, he created the complete concept for the vehicle architecture of the Tesla Model S and led the concept engineering team behind the Tesla Model X. Earlier at Lotus, Sampson was Chief Engineer and Program Director, leading vehicle programs and large multi-disciplinary teams to develop new adaptable platforms and implement long-term product strategies. He was also Chief Engineer for the Series 2 Lotus Elise and M250. During his 16 years at Jaguar, Sampson served as a key member of the Product Development Management Team where he supervised the development of the XJ6 sedan and XK8 sports car. He went on to design, engineer, and manage the production of winning race vehicles in the prestigious British Touring Car Championship while at Race Tech.

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