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John Moon

Managing Director Strategic Partnerships
Honda Innovations

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When the Car Becomes the Card

Payment cards are giving way to mobile payment apps, improving the customer experience.  In the car, the process of finding and paying for fuel, food, parking and much more can be linked to navigation and payment apps, resulting in a single, easy experience for the end user.  In addition, mobile payment apps also offer added security, given provisioning methods, tokenized card numbers and the elimination of the physical card swipe.

This panel of experts from WEX, Enterprise Fleet Management, Amazon Alexa Auto and Honda Innovations will discuss how these apps are moving beyond the phone to the vehicle’s dash, an evolution that will further streamline the payment process.  They will also consider the improved efficiency the connected car world promises and will provide their answers to the key question:  How will vehicles and payments get along?

About John Moon

John Moon is Managing Director, Strategic Partnerships at Honda Innovations and leads the Silicon Valley-based open innovation program, Honda Developer Studio. At Honda Developer Studio, he explores the integration of Honda vehicles and products with apps and services from startups to established partners.

Before joining Honda, John worked in a variety of industries including mobile software development with HTC, near field communications (NFC) chip manufacturing with Kovio, video game middleware with Scaleform, interactive advertising with kissd and computer security with 5PEG SECURITY. His leadership guided these companies to deliver on the full potential of their technology projects.

John received his BS in Cognitive Science from the University of California, Los Angeles.

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