John Koerner
Executive Manager


About The Session

Today your website is more important than ever. You need to know “Who’s Clicking”

You spend a lot of money driving people to your websites. Up until now, digital retargeting was the only way to communicate with these anonymous shoppers. Engaging visitors in the real world by name, address, phone, and email has been a challenge without a viable solution. Due to recent advance in consumer identity graphs, it is now possible to target individuals based on who they are, not just the device that hit your website.

John and Greg will discuss how Healey Brothers Automotive is leveraging these technologies to increase engagements, convert online shoppers into sales, and how to navigate the world of online privacy compliance.

About The Speaker

John Koerner is the Executive Manager at Healey Brothers Automotive Group as well as the Dealer Principal of Healey Ford, Lincoln and Healey Brothers Ford. He has been with the Healey Brothers organizations for over 30 years. During that time he has led the successful acquisition of Healey Brothers latest dealership, Healey Brothers Ford, and has overseen the marketing for the entire organization. He works on maximizing marketing dollars, looks for non-traditional opportunities to reach customers using technology and new applications to simplify and streamline the customer experience. His pursuit to better the car buying process is driven by his frustration in the slowness and hours long process it takes to buy a vehicle.

John is a 15 year member of NADA 20 groups and has held the role of Group Chairman multiple times. He was a Panel Speaker at the Lincoln National Dealer meeting and was previously on the Ford Consumer Experience Dealer Advisory Board.

Before his time at Healey Brothers, John gained years of experience with other dealerships as well as graduated from Northwood University.

Healey Brothers sells over 12,000 vehicles per year with the help of the organizations 515 employees from throughout New York’s Hudson Valley, operating 9 auto dealerships, an employee offsite BDC, and its own social media team.

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