Tim Porter
Customer Care Director


About The Session

The False Promise of E-Commerce

Are you simply bolting on an E-Commerce experience? Thousands of interviews and live purchase experiments with car shoppers show that a buy now button just isn’t enough. And while retail automotive is moving towards digital, Ecommerce today is not nearly as big as you would think. However, the influence online shopping has had including expectations of transparency and ease of purchase need to be embraced across the full car buying journey.

In their session, Tim Porter, Head of Customer Support for sales and service and a member of the Zimbrick team for over 23 years and Mike Cavanaugh, a military and industry veteran who led a 28-store group through the early days of adopting a consumer-centric approach, will share consumer preferences for the buying path and suggestions for evolving the BDC and in store process, to bring the preferred shopping experience to life at today’s dealerships.

About The Speaker

Tim Porter leads the Zimbrick Customer Care teams for both sales and service. Tim has been with Zimbrick for over 23 years. He started in sales… was a pioneer of our training department and eventually took his current managerial role that he’s held for the last 10 years. During his time here he continues to teach multiple classes for our sales personnel, including a week long class held three times a year called the “Road To The Sale”

Tim graduated from UCONN with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Directing. As an Associate Professor at colleges in both Iowa and Texas, Tim performed in over 80 productions and directed another 50. In addition to his work in television, radio and theater, Tim always had a passion for automobiles which led him to join the Zimbrick Family!

Tim is fond of saying “Selling is the closest thing to being on stage that I can think of….in today’s world if you can’t bring enthusiasm, advocacy, compassion and product knowledge….the road will probably be a rougher one…..”

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