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Conference series focuses all things customer

For 2020, Thought Leadership Summits says it has reinvented its annual Automotive CX Summit Series as a live virtual experience and will center on charging up automotive customer experiences at the automaker, dealer and analytic levels.


New Consumer Privacy Law Takes Effect

“Personally, I like being tracked,” says Tim Woo of RPA during his presentation at the TLS Automotive CS Summit 2019. “I get relevant messages as a result. I appreciate that. Proper use of collected consumer data “improves people’s lives,” he says.


How car dealers can avoid data pitfalls

As technology empowers us to drill down into ever-deeper layers of data and detail, it is important that dealership management retain the ability to regularly think up. “No data sources can quantify emotions, but emotions trump logic,” says Eric Dreisbach of the NADA Academy.


The Changing Landscape of Mobility Insurance

Automotive and mobility businesses can seamlessly embed the delivery of tailored insurance coverages within their own tech driven user experiences, enabling them to create better, faster and more valuable user experiences.


How to Bridge the Gap between Automotive Marketing and CX Delivery

Ali Fawaz, General Manager & Senior Director, Worldwide Automotive chairs the VOC track at TLS Automotive CX Summit Series June 18-20th and will describe the trick to driving business from digital channels such as Google’s local pack and automotive review sites is to ensure your customers become local advocates by delivering the best-possible experience.


Automotive CX Summit — Get Inspired: The Power of Great Experiences!

Customer Experience is now the #1 business differentiator and companies are transforming their businesses through CX Management as they anticipate massive changes in the industry due to emerging technology and new entrants that are redefining how consumers shop, buy, own, use, and drive. The Automotive CX Summit addresses both the technology required to digitize and automate CX business processes and the strategies required to leverage data, customer insights, and cultural change.


Keeping the Physical Store Relevant in a Digital World

Alexi Venneri - Co-Founder and CEO of Digital Air Strike will host a panel of top dealers that will share strategies and campaigns that they are using to influence the customer experience and give their stores a real competitive advantage.


Staying on Top of Ever-Changing Consumer Expectations

Michelle Dornfield, Head of Business Development will illustrate how companies can achieve success in the digital age using an on-demand user insights platform which has enable them to fully embrace a culture of consumer-centered design thinking (test, learn, iterate).


Thinking Up to Drill Down

Purposely thinking up while simultaneously drilling down can Improve a dealership’s utilization of data and confer competitive advantage over organizations with greater size or financial resources. Hear insights from Eric T. Dreisbach at TLS Auto CX Analytics & AI Summit Series on June 18-20. 


Dealership Strategies Through the Mind of the OEM

Tim Devine, Chief Financial Officer will show how they have integrated each brand’s respective brand promise into the culture and how they have equipped every TADG employee with the tools to provide unparalleled customer satisfaction and total customer experience in each sale.


The Customer Journey

Pinterest and Canvas will take the audience through this journey, highlighting new ways to create strategies that complement where your customers are along the purchase journey from brand discovery through ownership.


Customer Experience from Strategy to Implementation

#TLSummits A CX strategy is the bridge between vision and execution. However, even a great strategy doesn’t implement itself.  Angelina Autran, Global CX Change Manager, will walk us through how CAT has heightened the emphasis on the execution road map to operationalize the strategy and how they are seeing it through to a successful completion.


When the Car Becomes the Card

The in-car process of paying for fuel, food, and parking can be linked to navigation / payment apps creating a convenient customer experience. John Moon, Managing Director Strategic Partnerships at Honda Innovations joins WEX and Enterprise Fleet Management on a panel discussing how payment apps are delivering the efficiency the connected car promises.


Delivering a Digital Car-Buying Experience Consumers Trust at LA Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Consumers don’t want to buy cars solely based on dealer’s terms. They want to make purchases based upon their own research and terms they believe are fair. Dealer Principal Rinaldi Halim has created a process that ends the unproductive haggling occurs between car buyers and sellers. Hear the vision behind a new sales protocol that combines digital and human experiences to create what buyers want — trust.


The Importance of the Voice of the Customer in CX Transformation Efforts

CX is the #1 differentiator, but it’s hard to know where to start your transformation and how to prioritize your CX initiatives. The changes you make to your customer experience are only as good as the insights you receive from them. Learn best practices from Kristi Langdon, Head of Customer Experience at Daimler Trucks North America for gathering and synthesizing customer insights to help ensure focus and impact on CX initiatives.


Powering a More Intelligent Customer Experience

Mike Spadafore, ICI Product Innovation Manager at Ford discusses the operational issues needed to be resolved in order to have the institutional knowledge to achieve consistent success with AI/ML. This includes data curation, tool development, and extensive test and learn methodology before you can be on track to increase optimization and automation to ultimately drive sales!


Great CX at Mercedes-Benz is Based on People, Process, & Technology

Garth Blumenthal, Dealer Principal - Mercedes-Benz Temecula will explain how People, Process, & Technology merge to provide a world-class guest experience, which builds long term relationships with their clients. He’ll also review their floor and web traffic analysis and what metrics they measure to create effective, actionable insights.


Eliminating the Retail Blind Spot at Audi

Demian Dominguez, Manager - Audi Experience will discuss how Audi is leveraging advancements in analytics on improved foot traffic data to eliminate the in-person shopping behavior “blind spot”, identify opportunities for improvement in their network, and measure the effectiveness of retail consulting efforts.


Driving Growth Using a Holistic View of the Customer at Honda

Tim Woo, VP & Group Director of Research, Analytics & Insights at RPA, and Dejan Mitkovski, Head of Auto Analytics at Google, will share how Honda is improving the customer experience and driving growth by consolidating data across tiers to create a holistic view of the customer.


VVIP: Karma Breaks the Traditional CX Mold by Focusing on the Customer

Joost de Vries, VP - Global Sales & Customer Experience will walk through Karma Automotive’s quest to break the traditional CX mold by “ignoring” the vehicle and focusing intently on the customer. He’ll also explain how Karma is supporting this approach throughout the organization including CX budgeting using unique ROI metrics.


New for 2019: Tech Expo and expanded Auto CX Analytics & AI Summit agenda

Experience and Demo at Tech Expo at TLS Automotive CX Summit Series June 18th-20th: Audi and Amazon’s in-car voice CX with the e-tron vehicle display - Lexus mixed reality holographic display - Digital Air Strike demos Facebook Portal and Oculus Go - TruePic photo and video verification amongst others. Tech Expo spots still open.


Personalization, a Smarter Way to Merchandise

Dennis Berchulc, Head of VINReal Product at FordDirect will show how powering the best inventory solution for customers can extend past the website experience and be leveraged in very personal one to one messaging. This in turn helps convert shoppers and get them local fast through blending VIN specific imagery with dealer branding.


See how Lexus continues to explore innovative new media applications, including mixed reality holographic displays, for experiential and retail applications in the Tech Expo at TLS Automotive CX Summit Series June 18-20th

David Telfer, National Manager, Lexus Digital & Social Media will show how new technologies are changing the world of marketing and customer experience. He will explore how new solutions can benefit everything from working with design data to dynamic use cases to design and engineering visualization used in their journey to market.


It’s a Long Way to Buying a Car These Days

Insights from Frank Goldberg @ IgnitionOne: Five elements of today’s automotive customer’s journey: awareness, consideration, intent, decision and finally purchase. Sponsor of TLS Automotive CX Summit 2018


Automotive CX Summit – Dual Style to Customer Development?

Munzel believes automotive marketing will eventually lean strongly toward the Apple model, “where you have plenty of people who are buying online and never set foot in a dealership and you have plenty of people who do both — they research, buy online and go to the dealerships for other reasons or they go to the dealership only. Like, my mom is never going to go online.” / June 12, 2017


Customer Experience Summit ‘Makes Sense’

The June 20-21 Automotive CX Summit in Los Angeles evolves from the previous back-to-back Automotive Customer Centricity Summit and the Automotive Social Media Summit. By Steve Finlay / April 27, 2017