See how Lexus continues to explore innovative new media applications, including mixed reality holographic displays, for experiential and retail applications in the Tech Expo at TLS Automotive CX Summit Series June 18-20th

David Telfer, National Manager, Lexus Digital & Social Media will show how new technologies are changing the world of marketing and customer experience. He will explore how new solutions can benefit everything from working with design data to dynamic use cases to design and engineering visualization used in their journey to market.


It’s a Long Way to Buying a Car These Days

Insights from Frank Goldberg @ IgnitionOne: Five elements of today’s automotive customer’s journey: awareness, consideration, intent, decision and finally purchase. Sponsor of TLS Automotive CX Summit 2018


Automotive CX Summit – Dual Style to Customer Development?

Munzel believes automotive marketing will eventually lean strongly toward the Apple model, “where you have plenty of people who are buying online and never set foot in a dealership and you have plenty of people who do both — they research, buy online and go to the dealerships for other reasons or they go to the dealership only. Like, my mom is never going to go online.” / June 12, 2017


Customer Experience Summit ‘Makes Sense’

The June 20-21 Automotive CX Summit in Los Angeles evolves from the previous back-to-back Automotive Customer Centricity Summit and the Automotive Social Media Summit. By Steve Finlay / April 27, 2017