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Summit Features

• Auto industry marketers, CX strategy technologists and data analysts
• Exclusive environment and trending content driving the industry
• Best-practice presentations and techniques addressing digital analytics, customer insight and artificial intelligence in the “age of the customer”
• Extensive opportunities for peer-to-peer, operational applications and data enriched insights
• Limited sponsor and vendor involvement

Survive & Thrive with Insights From:

Featured Presenters

• Audi of America/Digital Data Solutions – Mining Behavioral Data to Understand the Customer Journey
• Edmunds – Building a Marketing Cloud Powered by Machine Learning
• Experian – Models, Metrics and Results – Aligning Analytical Initiatives with Performance Benchmarks to Drive Sales and Loyalty
• AT&T AdWorks – Targeting a Customer Throughout the Purchasing Journey
• Tesla – Discovering Purchase Triggers with Predictive Modeling

• Panel Discussion – Applying Machine Learning and Analytics to One2One Marketing (Ford Motor Company, Flow Automotive, Cardinale, Mazda North American Operations)
• Panel Discussion – The AI Roadmap: Cutting Through the Hype to Delivering Real Value (Stratifyd, IBM, Ford Motor Company, Pegasystems)
• Panel Discussion – Applying Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and other Predictive Technologies to Meet Increased Customer Expectations for Personalized Communications at Scale (Kia Motors America, Innocean, Oracle, CarLabs)
• Panel Discussion – Telematics and How to Use Connected Vehicle Data (Holman Strategic Ventures, Harman International, Tesla, Traction Labs)

Topics Explored

Digital Analytics, Customer Centricity, Machine Learning, Attribution, Digital Targeting, Addressability, and AI/Artificial Intelligence

Analytics, AI artificial intelligence and robotics are hot topics that are revolutionizing customer engagement. Thought Leadership Summits launches the inaugural Auto CX Analytics & AI Summit offering a practical, hands-on experience to join inspiring automakers, dealers, finance providers, marketing portals and technology companies putting marketing and consumer behavior data to work – turning next generation techniques into real value for their customers and stakeholders. Join us for just 1 well spent day out of the office or as an extension to the Automotive CX Summit.

What You’ll Learn

The automotive industry continues to face a dynamic set of challenges as it is being transformed by technologies, applications and services grounded in advances in everything from sensors to artificial intelligence to big data analysis. For those with the right ambition it represents an exciting time with opportunities to differentiate and stand out from the crowd based on the growth in touch points and information available on customers. However, challenges exist having to offer 24/7 connectivity across multiple channels as well as the difficultly to collate and interpret insights together with the increasing volume and frequency of data available.

The summit will showcase inspiring automotive executives that are optimizing customer experiences across all channels and media by leveraging data and machine learning.  Don’t miss this opportunity to examine ways to leverage Innovation – Data Science – Analytics – Insights enabling complex data translations into customer experience strategies that drive real sustainable value and deliver immediate business impact.

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Featured Presenters

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Auto CX Analytics & AI Summit 2018

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