Aswin Mannepalli – Sitecore

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Technology At Its Best: The evolution of online gaming and the future of Automotive CX 


As the integration of entertainment into technology has increased; Online games continue to be a robust and profitable business across industries vertical. It has massive revenues and a growing market. Long dismissed as an artifact of childhood, video games have been revolutionizing the way that people interact with worlds – both physical and digital.  From next-generation configurators to new metaverse-powered business models, discover why your next customer– who was born a gamer – will demand mobility. 

About Aswin

Aswin is Global Director of Strategy and Marketing for the automotive and manufacturing sectors at Sitecore.  He has spent more than a decade in the automotive, tech and finance industries with a focus on solutions that enable organizations to respond to customer desires in real-time.  His thought leadership has appeared in Forbes, The DigitalistMagazine, and several other publications.  Aswin’s work has won numerous awards such as Hermes (Platinum) and MUSE (Gold) creative awards.  In addition, he is a lecturer at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania where he helps students master topics such as customer centricity.  He previously worked at SAP and Citigroup. 

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