ERIC BARBOSA, Vice President Variable Operations
Cavender Auto Group


Eric has worked in the auto industry for 24 years. He began his career at 16 years old detailing cars quickly working his way into sales then finance and onto becoming one of the youngest GM &Operating Partners in the Industry.

During the early part of Eric ‘s career he found a passion for marketing. Along with the time in the Automotive Industry Eric also has over 20 years in the Marketing Industry. He began his career in marketing by dominating the Spanish Media with Infomercials that ran 6 years consecutively across several markets. In 2008 the beginning of social media Eric refocused his attention to the future of marketing and began a relentless campaign that has now made him the #1 Viewed Social Media Dealer in the nation. Currently his marketing spend due to his social media presence is less the $125 per car, totally unheard of in the industry.

Eric is currently spending his spare time teaching and mentoring other dealers across the nation on social media and what hard work and dedication it takes to make is successful. Eric also has a passion for hiring Women, he ran one of the few dealerships in the States with 47% women representation. His goal was to be at a 50/50 ratio and open doors for those that would not consider the industry before. That led to him being awarded 2022 Automotive news All Star and Also Gmc / Buick recipient of DEI leadership 2022

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