Tim Woo

VP / Group Director of Research, Analytics and Insights

Driving Growth Using a Holistic View of the Customer at Honda

Tim Woo, VP & Group Director of Research, Analytics & Insights at RPA, and Dejan Mitkovski, Head of Auto Analytics at Google, will share how Honda is working to future proof their business and improve the customer experience by consolidating data across tiers to create a holistic view of the customer – driving short term and long term growth.

About Tim Woo

Tim Woo is Vice President of Research, Analytics and Insights for RPA. He helps top brands advance their data and analytics practices to understand marketing’s role on the full consumer journey. Through clear and concise narratives, Tim tells stories with data that are actionable and understood by all. He has extensive experience working in the automotive vertical both in Finance and Marketing/Advertising for top OEMs such as Honda, Acura, Toyota and Nissan. Tim vehemently disagrees with the stereotypes that all analysts are introverted, socially awkward, number crunching geeks that lack a sense of humor. He believes only three of those are true.

Tim holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from UC Irvine and a master’s degree in business administration at the University of Southern California. On his spare time, Tim loves spending time with his beloved wife and two kids.

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