Rob Hardy

Director of Analytics Engineering

Building An Automotive Marketing Cloud Powered By Machine Learning

Director of Analytics Engineering at, Rob Hardy discusses their philosophy of building machine learning processes on the back of analytics insights, linking the learners to specific business problems.  With collaborative filtering and real time value scoring, machine learning methods have allowed Edmunds to work closely with cloud marketing partners to spend more efficiently and attract highly engaged and ready-to-buy consumers. He will also detail real examples of failure that pointed Edmunds to the three boxes an organization must check before embarking on a machine learning program: data availability, analytics maturity, and cultural discipline.

About Rob Hardy

As Director of Analytics Engineering, Rob Hardy is currently leading a talented group of Business Intelligence engineers in the field of self-service analytics, website tracking, and last-mile data delivery at Previously at Edmunds he has led teams of data scientists, analysts and developers, in addition to developing new products that leveraged advanced modeling techniques to help consumers zero in on their perfect car.  With a Masters Degree in Technology and Policy from MIT and a background in software engineering and marketing research Rob has been wielding tools and big data for extraordinary results since 2002.

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