Alexi Venneri

Co-Founder & CEO
Digital Air Strike

Keeping the Physical Store Relevant in a Digital World

Buying a car is a sensory affair. No matter how technologically advanced we get, customers will still want to see, feel, touch, and smell their new vehicle, but they also want to do as much of the transaction as possible online. It’s important to leverage the latest digital marketing and retailing technology to ensure consumers have an excellent online and in-dealership experience. A panel of top dealers will share strategies and campaigns that they are using, including new online tools, to reduce or improve the time consumers spend in the dealership. Hear how they are influencing the customer experience and giving their stores a real competitive advantage.

About Alexi Venneri

Alexi Venneri co-founded Digital Air Strike, the award-winning consumer engagement, digital response, and social media technology company that works with 5,000+ dealerships, seven of the top OEMs and 27 of the top 30 dealer groups. Prior positions include President of Auto Media/Blue Flame 6 (part of The Van Tuyl Automotive Group), VP of Marketing, PR & Investor Relations at DealerTrack (TRAK), CMO at Who’s Calling and Director of Marketing for the Major League Baseball team the Seattle Mariners. Alexi is an accomplished public speaker and author of the best-selling book Balls! 6 Rules for Winning Today’s Business Game.

Alexi has a B.A. in Marketing from the University of Calgary. She is an accredited trainer at the University of Washington and The Pacific Institute. She supports numerous charitable organizations and works closely with ARME and the Beagle Freedom Project, nonprofit organizations that rescue and rehabilitate animals.

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