Demian Dominguez

Manager Audi Experience
Audi of America

Eliminating the Retail Blind Spot at Audi

While online consumer research and shopping behavior has been tracked and analyzed for years, in-person consumer shopping behavior and measurement of retail performance has been a challenge, resulting in a “blind spot” for our industry.  In addition, the rapid expansion of retail tools (DR, Data-Mining, Chat etc.) that interact with customers is making that challenge even more complicated.

With the advancement of analytics on improved foot traffic data, the collection of data-mining actions, and the convergence of legacy data-sets we have a greater ability to measure performance and consumer behavior.  Demian will discuss how Audi is leveraging these insights to better understand in-person consumer shopping behavior, identify opportunities for improvement in our network, and measure the effectiveness of our retail consulting efforts.

About Demian Dominguez

Demian Dominguez is part of the recently formed Retail Performance and Experience team at Audi of America. He leads the consulting and performance analytics effort for Audi, to drive and support the execution of Audi’s signature shopping and ownership experiences throughout our dealership network.

Demian is an industry veteran with over 18 years of automotive experience. He has genuine retail roots and a clear understanding of sales operations and a refreshingly pragmatic approach to digital marketing.

Previous to Audi, Demian has worked as an Account Director for two successful digital projects first with Motortrak and most recently with Cox Automotive.

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