Dennis Wisco

Executive Producer and Host
Wisco Weekly

Chairman Auto CX Analytics & AI, June 20

The Fluidity of Data Across Enterprise from Tier 1 to Tier 3

Data sharing has the ability to level the playing field across an enterprise. Collecting customer data, website data, marketing data, for instance, has been an ongoing effort which previously has been siloed. The explosion of partnerships between tech and automotive companies has created untapped opportunities, and simultaneously furthered a chasm. This lively panel discussion includes guests representing Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3, and we will explore the fluidity of data across this enterprise.

About Dennis Wisco

Dennis Wisco began his automotive career working floor and internet sales in a dealership environment. His automotive retail success is attributed to his ten years working in sports marketing and educational fundraising. He believes this experience separated him from the competition as he was a natural fit to build value in the product and service, communicate trust and transparency, and to understand that asking for the sale was an honor bestowed to the customer. Complementing his automotive retail experience, Dennis began applying his technical abilities in creating audio and video content, building WordPress websites, and developing lead generation campaigns.

Currently, Dennis serves as Executive Producer and Host of Wisco Weekly, an automobility and advanced transportation podcast. Created in November of 2017 and featuring automakers, automotive retailers, government officials, and transportation professionals, listeners have consumed more than 38,000 hours of the podcast. He is a proud alumnus of UC Irvine, and co-founded their school tradition, the Rip’em ‘Eaters hand sign.

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