Leo Sigal

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

AI/ML Techniques to support Omni-Channel Customer and Dealer Journeys

Leo will explain how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning provide an opportunity to accelerate service and repair efficiencies in the auto sales process, thereby delivering a higher rate of business performance.  But perhaps even more importantly, AI-powered technology platforms introduce more transparency into the communications between dealers and customers.  This, in turn, helps to build trust, something that has historically been quite low, especially in used car sales, because customers have had very little visibility into the actual condition of the vehicle being sold and the costs ahead.

About Leo Sigal

Leo Sigal is a successful entrepreneur and a seasoned technologist, with two decades of experience building innovative technology products.  He currently serves as Founder and CEO of Driveroo, a proactive auto care service platform that provides predictive analysis on potential maintenance issues, specific to each vehicle. Driveroo uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to examine millions of data points to determine the likelihood of maintenance issues, based on the type of car and its particular history.  Prior to Driveroo, Leo served as CTO for Model N and Selectica and held senior engineering and technology positions at Software AG and eVite.  He is committed to advancing the thought leadership around utilizing AI and machine learning to improve safety and convenience, and believes that AI will bring the next wave of opportunity for the auto repair and fleet management industries.

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