Rinaldi Halim

Dealer Principal
Los Angeles Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Delivering a Digital Car-Buying Experience Consumers Will Trust

Consumers don’t want to buy cars solely based on dealer’s terms. They want to make purchases based upon their own research and the terms they believe are fair. But with no established protocol to help consumers and car retailers find a neutral middle ground, the two parties remain locked in a battle to get the best deal. This has led to massive confusion and mistrust with consumers. In this session, you will discover how Rinaldi Halim, a forward-looking dealer principal in Southern California, is partnering with digital platform provider, AutoGravity, to establish a high-level of trust with car buyers. Rinaldi and AutoGravity are partnering to create a demilitarized zone of sorts that ends the unnecessary and unproductive haggling and stress that occurs between car buyers and sellers.    

Hear the vision behind a specific new sales protocol that combines digital and human experiences to build the most important outcome of all with car buyers — trust. This protocol is now in motion at three car dealerships in Southern California and has already started to deliver consumers the trusted referral model they are looking for.

About Rinaldi Halim

Rinaldi Halim is currently serving as Dealer Principal of Los Angeles Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and Managing Partner of Downey Nissan and Nissan of Tustin. Prior to these roles, Mr. Halim served as Executive Manager of Nissan of Duarte and a number of leadership positions with Mossy Automotive Group, San Diego. Mr. Halim is frequently sought by top leadership at Nissan North America and FCA for his insights and operating processes which have afforded him and his dealerships consistent achievement in sales volume and other measures. He holds recognition as Downey Nissan California’s number one Nissan dealer and LACDJR FCA’s fastest growing dealership in CA. Mr. Halim has won five consecutive Nissan Top 50 Global Awards of excellence.

Mr. Halim resides in Irvine, CA, with his wife and daughter.

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