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Colleen Harris
Product Manager – Business Intelligence Digital Marketing


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About The Session

Converting Digital Data into Sales Opportunities

Every dealer recognizes that customer data is critical to growth. However like most, do you find yourself asking these questions:

  • How can I best use the data analytics on our site?
  • What’s the smart way to think about audience targeting?
  • Is our digital strategy evolving along with our customers’ shopping behavior?
  • How do understand and give attribution credit to a channel with the digital cookie window getting smaller?

Using real experiences from Eric Hall, Internet Director Classic Chevrolet, they both will discuss how dealers can make digital analytics a tool that helps make smart decisions to understand user intent, and the starting points to using audiences in advertising. Colleen and Eric will also show how to navigate the complexity of translating digital traffic to showroom visits, what to be wary of, and how to judge performance and attribution using Google Analytics.

About The Speaker

Colleen Harris is the Product Manager for Business Intelligence at CDK Global and has more than 13 years of digital marketing experience in the automotive, healthcare and entertainment industries. She brings a passion for Google Analytics, data storytelling and content creation, and has been referred to here at CDK as the “Google Whisperer” and “Google Analytics Jedi Master”. Outside of CDK, Colleen has volunteered as a digital consultant for non-profits in the Seattle area. Colleen is a member of SEMPO and has written for multiple industry websites on local search, content marketing and Google Analytics. Colleen has published white papers on Google Analytics best practices in automotive, using “near me” in content and the impact local call tracking numbers have on SEO. Recent speaking engagements include Digital Summit, SMX Advanced, SMX West, Driving Sales Executive Summit, Driving Sales President Club Seattle Women in Technology, Year Up, Seattle Search Network, 501 C Commons and the National SEMPO member conference.

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