Dan Mohnke
Vice President, Customer Journey & Data Innovation


About The Session

Customer First Digital Transformation – From the Center Out

What does it take to become a true digital company? You have to think like a digital company. It is a mindset, culture, and operating model shift. Learn how Nissan is approaching this transformation through the lens of the customer and their underlying needs. Nissan’s transformation is rooted in orienting around and mastering a set of distinct customer journeys, a customer ecosystem, digital products with digital owners, innovation to solve the right customer problem, and data as a strategic asset. Success requires approaching the business in a new manner – from the center out.

About The Speaker

Dan Mohnke is Vice President, Customer Journey & Data Innovation, Nissan North America, Inc. Mohnke is responsible for the development and implementation of Nissan North America’s transformation strategies and initiatives for Customer Experience, Data and Innovation to enhance brand value, customer trust and loyalty.

Previously, Mohnke was senior vice president, Connected Services, Data and Digitalization, helping Nissan to capitalize on opportunities created by disruption in the automotive industry and senior vice president, Sales & Marketing and Operations, Nissan Division U.S., overseeing the Nissan brand in the U.S.

He also served as vice president, Strategy and Digital Acceleration, Nissan North America, Inc., and vice president, Nissan Chief Marketing Manager (CMM) & Marketing Operations, Nissan Division U.S.

Mohnke joined Nissan in July of 2006. Prior to joining Nissan, Mohnke was with Saturn Division of General Motors for 14 years and held various leadership positions in the areas of retail strategies, dealer network development, and regional operations.

Mohnke holds a MBA from Michigan State University and a bachelor’s degree in marketing and management from Northwood University. He has also completed The Wharton School of Business Executive Leadership Program. Mohnke is active in Boy Scouts of America and the American Red Cross. He is based in Franklin, Tennessee.

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