Dishon Putz
General Manager and Partner


About The Session

Adapt, Migrate or Die

In an industry where our consumer climate is changing drastically, it is imperative that Dealers decide which one of these three (3) options they are prepared to accept as their future. If Dealers choose to adapt, Dishon will lay-out in his presentation several processes that need to be addressed in order to do so. Dishon will show that there is a recipe for success available to dealers if they stop resisting the processes our customers want and embrace them instead.

About The Speaker

Dishon is passionate about the Automotive industry and enjoys providing thought leadership on how the industry can continue to provide better service to their customers which directly drive store growth. He is a 20-year veteran of the Automotive industry with 15 years under his belt directly inside a dealership. He has benefited from a well-rounded background with positions in sales, finance, sales management and currently General Manager and Partner of Big Bend Chevrolet Buick. He also has some finance experience working directly as an area sales manager for a lender servicing dealers for 2 years and has had his own dealer training consultancy.

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