Katie Garren

Director of Marketing & Business Development


Katie Garren started in the automotive industry as a receptionist while going to college, not knowing it would be her career. She continued to work through different positions while earning her degrees. After completing her MBA at California Statue University, Northridge Katie was promoted to be the second youngest controller for AutoNation at the time.

Dedicated to advancement for the industry, while at Price Simms, Katie co-founded the Price Simms Women’s Circle. Actively engaging women at all levels, offering leadership development, mentorship, and networking opportunities to inspire personal growth and empowerment within the auto group and industry.

Now as Chief Financial Officer of Simms Auto Group, Katie brings her structured vision and partner-centric approach to the start-up. Spearheading a collaborative effort to define the company’s vision, she is committed to collaboration and innovation, she seeks to drive progress and success through teamwork and shared goals.