Lisa Gener
Chief Marketing Officer


About The Session

Leverage AI to recognize and delight the customer on new and old communication channels

Email open rates are at historic lows. Telephone calls routinely go to voicemail. And many customers are shifting to messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger and Text. But dealership systems are not keeping up.

See how dealers are leveraging AI to recognize the customer and all of the customer’s associated data points, to provide the right message, at the right time, over the right communication channel.  They are using AI enhanced, omni channel, customer lifecycle marketing and the results are game changing.

Lisa and Dale will discuss how dealers are leveraging technology to remove the friction and maximize customer engagement across the lifecycle of the customer.

About The Speaker

Lisa Gener is an accomplished Automotive Retail and Digital Subject Matter Expert, she specializes in presenting and consulting on Retail Experience, Digital Lead Management and Dealer Sales Strategy. Lisa is a 1999 Graduate of the Art Institute of Houston with a degree in Graphic Design and contributes 16 years of retail automotive marketing, digital advertising and management expertise.

Lisa began her career in Corporate Marketing as a Graphic Designer and after facilitating a rebrand strategy through a multimillion-dollar merger, she transitioned into automotive. She quickly fell in love with the car business working as an Account Executive for the top Automotive Direct Marketing company in Houston, TX. Her incredible drive, ability to identify opportunity and execute exceptional customer service earned her “Sales Person of the Year” her first year on the job, while more than doubling her sales quota. Lisa was promoted to Major Account Executive after acquiring the largest OEM opportunity her company had ever attained and expanded her knowledge from vehicle sales to include fixed operations. Gaining experience and striving for innovation, Lisa was promoted to Senior Account Executive for National Accounts and extended her network from major utility brands to include luxury OEM brands.

In 2012, Lisa struck out on her own and started a full-service advertising and marketing enterprise, Sales Engineuity. Lisa’s focus shifted to implementing transparent emerging digital technologies, e-commerce and educating operators through a deeper understanding of digital advertising, best practices and attribution correlation.

While managing her Advertising enterprise, Lisa has also been recruited as a Consultant of Dealer Strategy for Change Up Inc. As a Luxury Automotive Retail and Digital SME she has further evolved working in all aspects of Automotive OEM initiatives including: Dealer Profitability, Digital Advertising, Employee and Customer Experience, Engagement, Advocacy and Customer Loyalty.

Lisa is hyper dealer-centric and her mission is to implement front-line technologies and solutions that eliminate wasted spend and increase net profit.