Sascha Doering
Chief Executive Officer


About The Session

Mobility On Demand

Clearly, the traditional vehicle ownership is changing. In the past, consumers got used to ‘being ok’ with their limited choices of buying, financing, or leasing their vehicle; and then being stuck with it for a while. Young generations however (Millennials, Gen Z), are ‘not so ok’ with it anymore. They desire both choice and flexible access to any vehicle at any time for any purpose. Such trends are shifting traditional revenue pools of ‘one-time vehicle sales’ towards a growing share of ‘on demand mobility’ users.

As CEO of MODOS Technologies Inc., Sascha will share how innovations in the traditional retail environment can be leveraged to create new on-demand mobility solutions that deliver both an entirely digital and on-demand mobility experience for consumers, as well as operational efficiencies and a transition towards becoming ‘mobility providers’ for Dealers.

About The Speaker

Sascha Doering is Chief Executive Officer of MODOS – Mobility On Demand OS. Sascha has more than 15 years of experience in leading efforts of some of the world’s most thought-after premium and luxury brands in the automotive & mobility space to commercial success in North America including: J.D. Power & Associates, Audi, Automobili Lamborghini, Faraday Future, and Automobili Pininfarina.

Sascha Doering brings with him a unique ability of leveraging market-, and customer data for strategy formulation both in the traditional automotive as well as in the new-mobility space. With MODOS, he is now bringing to market an on-demand mobility model that allows consumers to drive any vehicle, as long as they want. With the option to ‘flip’ into a new vehicle at any time. All inclusive, delivered, and at a pay-per-use rate. Enabled by the largest existing mobility infrastructure existing. The franchise Dealer network.

Before joining MODOS, Sascha lead Faraday Future’s distribution & mobility strategy from the ground-up. Prior, he held various successive roles with Automobili Lamborghini as Head of Finance & Strategy, Business Development, and Marketing. Within these roles, he drove the business results in North America to record growth. Sascha also led Audi of America’s collaborative efforts with its retail network to strategically optimize the distribution channels for customer experience, volume and profitability. In his earlier career, he spent significant time with J.D. Power & Associates in various automotive research and consulting roles across a wide portfolio of OEM clients and functional topics.

Sascha holds a BA in International Business Administration from the European University of Applied Sciences (EBS), and an MBA from Pepperdine University (Graziadio School of Business).

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