Tom Ryan


About The Session

Delivering an Exceptional Customer Experience With a Single-Point-of-Contact

Tom Ryan and Scott Thompson from the Ryan Adams Group will share the benefits of converting your dealership to a Single-Point-of-Contact. Learn the steps necessary to modify your current sales process, how to identify and hire new employees with a proper skillset, building pay plans that are appropriate to their new roles and responsibilities, and explore technology options that can tie it all together.

  • Benefits of changing to a Single-Point-of-Contact
  • Employee of the Future
  • Pay Plans
  • Technology to tie it all together
About The Speaker

What do roadsters and rare books have in common? For Tom Ryan, both are passions that fuel his pursuits. It was a Summer Yellow 1977 Porsche 911, his first of many, that sparked a life-long love of the model. But Tom also loves a good story, and it was at his family’s automotive dealership where he began to realize that his genuine interest in people and their stories was also his superpower.

Tom was fresh into his career in car sales when he struck up a conversation with a buyer who turned out to be a Pulitzer Prize-winning author. In a pattern that would become a signature of Tom’s throughout his life, his sincere interest about the buyer as a person led to a friendship – and his first signed edition of a New York Times best-seller.

Over the next 30 years, Tom’s ability to pioneer new processes and train the team to perform at the top of their game accelerated his success. As Director of Training for the Walser Automotive Group, Tom helped create the “Walser Way,” a paradigm shift to a negotiation-free sales approach.

Tom moved on to help create “Buy Happy Promises” for another Twin Cities giant, Morrie’s Automotive Group. Once again, the idea was more than a tagline. It was born from a methodology and process for converting a dealership toward higher efficiency and profitability.

The success of these two high-profile conversions became the springboard that launched the Ryan Adams Group – and turned Tom into one of the most sought-after trainers and speakers in the automotive industry. Today Tom continues to innovate in training and processes, hosting workshops, leading in-depth on-site training and speaking on topics such as one-price conversions, single point-of-contact selling, integrating time-saving technology and mastering the digital retail relationship.

Nineteen 911s and a library full of rare and first-edition books later, Tom’s prowess at buying and selling (well, he sells the cars at least…) is a skill he continues to hone.

But his success continues to be about more than just the process. Tom takes a genuine interest in the people he meets, whether it’s a person next to him on the plane who turns out to be a pro athlete, a book seller half-way around the world, or a famously reclusive author who never, ever, ever granted interviews (not even to Oprah, but agreed to meet Tom and, naturally, became his friend). In the end, Tom can’t resist a good story well told – and is sure to share a few of his own.