Everyday, people perform more and more online activities from search, reading content, and creating ongoing interactions on multiple platforms. At Reputation we know, the data that fuels business progress comes from customer feedback.

Feedback provides the opportunity to go beyond ‘what’ and understand ‘why’. Why your customers feel positively, negatively, or neutral about your product. Why your employees stay with you. Why you rank a certain way in the marketplace.

Why matters because it gives you context, it explains sentiment—it paints a picture beyond the numbers. But feedback is dynamic and ever-changing. The process of not only understanding it but putting it to use is overwhelming and chaotic.

The Reputation platform provides a holistic overview of your company’s standing in the market, paired with the tools needed to aggregate, interpret, and convert the prompted and unprompted feedback you receive into clear and actionable insights. It’s supported by a data set that we’ve been building for over a decade, plus an AI layer that analyzes sentiment.

Our superpower lies in not just collecting information, but in providing the contextual insights our customers need to meaningfully engage with their communities and evolve based on the feedback they receive.

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