Steve Schmith

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Harnessing The Power of CDPs To Nurture A Customer First Philosophy That Drives Profitability and Loyalty

Better customer experience starts with brands knowing their customers better and engaging them in ways that build trust and loyalty.  Data about people can help auto brands better understand who their customers are and what influences their buying decisions but managing and making sense of customer data and using it in ways that are ethical can be complex, overwhelming and lead to missed opportunity.

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) offer automotive brands the opportunity to build modern marketing platforms where customer identity serves as a foundation on which automakers and dealers can build strong first-party identity solutions while also regaining control of marketing decisions related to targeting, media spend and attribution.

About Steve

Steve Schmith is the director of industry strategy for Acxiom’s Automotive practice. He has nearly 25 years of automotive experience, including prior roles leading the Automotive News Research & Data Center and hosting the Daily Drive podcast, and leading marketing for Deloitte’s Automotive practice in the U.S. and globally. He has authored several reports on auto, mobility and manufacturing.

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