Tim Wilson, Marketing Specialist
El Cajon Ford


Tim Wilson currently works with El Cajon Ford as the Marketing Specialist and provides consulting services as the Founder/CEO of DigitalFootprint. With a digital media sales career that has spanned 25 years, Tim has worked across multiple industries for both mega and startup companies. Whether it was a company he started in the 90’s to take on Auto Trader, his time at Google running automotive in Canada and the US or his consulting practice working with dealerships today, the automotive industry has remained a constant in his career.

While working at Google and spending all of his time focused on evangelizing digital and educating Tier 1 and Tier 2 clients, he realized that he wanted to focus on helping the true engine of the automotive industry – dealerships. Over the last 3 years, his consulting firm, Digital Footprint, has helped dozens of dealerships be more efficient in their digital marketing spend focusing on a cost-per-vehicle calculation that maximizes ROI.

As all Tiers of Automotive try to maneuver and grow in a world dominated these days by acronyms – EV, SEM, AI, VDP, GA4, 3P & GBP – Tim is grateful and excited for the opportunity to share his knowledge and experience on this evolving and complicated industry.

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