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8:00-8:45am Continental Breakfast

8:45am Opening Remarks


Technology At Its Best: The evolution of online gaming and the future of Automotive CX

As the integration of entertainment into technology has increased; Online games continue to be a robust and profitable business across industries vertical. It has massive revenues and a growing market. Long dismissed as an artifact of childhood, video games have been revolutionizing the way that people interact with worlds – both physical and digital. From next-generation configurators to new metaverse-powered  business models, discover why your next customer– who was born a gamer – will demand mobility.

Aswin Mannepalli, Global Director Strategy and Marketing Automotive & Manufacturing – Sitecore

9:15-10:00am Panel Discussion

Harnessing The Power of CDPs To Nurture A Customer First Philosophy That Drives Profitability and Loyalty

Better customer experience starts with brands knowing their customers better and engaging them in ways that build trust and loyalty. Data about people can help auto brands better understand who their customers are and what influences their buying decisions but managing and making sense of customer data and using it in ways that are ethical can be complex, overwhelming and lead to missed opportunity.

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) offer automotive brands the opportunity to build modern marketing platforms where customer identity serves as a foundation on which automakers and dealers can build strong first-party identity solutions while also regaining control of marketing decisions related to targeting, media spend and attribution.

Listen to this panel discussion hosted and moderated by Acxiom featuring executives representing automakers, automotive dealers and other industry experts.

John Campos, Group Vice President Automotive – Acxiom

Steve Schmith, Director, Automotive Strategy – Acxiom


Servco’s Data Journey: Developing Foundations for the Next 100 Years

Servco Pacific Inc. is Hawaii’s largest privately held company with operations in the United States and Australia. In addition to its automotive businesses, Servco is an active investor in venture and growth capital. Like many companies over 100 years old, Servco’s various businesses and platforms matured in a non-data native era, creating data silos and lack of customer understanding throughout its platform ecosystem. Tausif Islam, Servco’s Director of Data Visualization and Analytics will discuss Servco’s quest to understand customer interactions across their various applications and platforms.  He will detail their path to customer centric analytics through the following steps with the end goal to drive better email targeting and overall CX:

  • Initial assessment and evaluation
  • Launching a successful proof of concept
  • Receiving buy-in from business stakeholders
  • Developing an operational roadmap
  • Data democratization and education
  • Building on the foundational work
  • Optimizing data use

Tausif Islam, Director of Data Visualization and Analytics – Servco Pacific

10:45-11:15am Networking Break


Buy, Finance and Drive On

Byrider is America’s largest buy here pay here dealership network and has sold more than 1.2 million cars at more than 150 locations across the country.

In this session Lewis along with Atul will detail how Byrider has successfully leveraged
the Complete Shopper Journey for an end-to-end experience for both customer and salesperson. By utilizing rich analytics, customer data platform, and a data management platform Byrider has been able to enable actionable insights to drive a great customer experience while also increasing sales.

Lewis Scott, Director of Marketing – Digital & Field Performance – Byrider

Atul Patel, Co-Founder & CEO – Orbee

Atul Patel, Co-Founder & CEO – Orbee

11:45-12:15pm Panel Discussion

Utilizing Analytics & AI to Move from Reactive to Predictive

Taking advantage of new regulations to safely control and maintain privacy of customer data.

Atul Patel, Co-Founder & CEO – Orbee

Atul Patel, Co-Founder & CEO – Orbee


The Evolution of Conversational Commerce

With 94% of consumers now preferring text as the number one-way businesses communicate, it’s time to look beyond the simple act of sending a message and to the evolution of video and conversational commerce. Tomorrow’s communication tools will be asynchronous and fit the needs of each individual customer. They will be able to tell the dealership not only when the customer is opening a text, but how many minutes they spend watching a video, when they jump to the website, and how that customer converts. Smart texting represents key data points at the bottom of the funnel and forward-thinking managers are using this information today to create transactional interactions with customers all along the lifecycle. Joe Shaker, owner of Shaker Auto Group, will discuss the future of smart texting and how the data that powers it will ultimately affect the customer experience and profits of the store.

Joe Shaker, Principal Owner – Shaker Auto Group and CEO | Co-Founder – TruVideo

End of CX Strategy & Retail Innovation & Data Analytics & AI Summits

Aftersales & Aftercare Summit Continues 


12:45-1:45pm Networking Lunch

1:45 Opening Remarks

Chairman: Tom Calloway, President – A2CX Mgmt


Nissan’s Aftersales eCommerce Approach: Enhancing Online Success and Service Lane Benefits

Megan Gaddis, Head of Aftersales eCommerce for Nissan North America walks through the journey to completely overhaul their online strategy, and how they are using online sales to drive service lane results.

Megan will cover:

  • Nissan’s approach to relaunching their Aftersales eCommerce platform
  • Benefits gained through enhancing the platform
  • Ability to find new customers and steps to transition them to loyal service lane customers

Megan Gaddis, Manager Aftersales Marketing Technologies – Nissan North America


Staying Ahead of the Curve: New Consumer Behaviors, Innovative Technologies, and Disruptors 

3:00-3:30pm Networking Break


Partners In Crime To Move Beyond Oil Changes

David Lantz, Director of Marketing and Tully Williams, Fixed Operations Director are teamed up at the Niello Company to create better customers by changing the way they market their Fixed Ops service through digital customer experiences.  They will share some ways they are working together to increase their service department value and build trust with their customers before they arrive.  These new communication methods set the stage for a less transactional, elevated experience customers expect while in the drives with the ultimate goal to fuel F&I growth.  The Niello Company celebrates their 100-year anniversary this year!

David Lantz, Director of Marketing – The Niello Company

Tully Williams, Fixed Operations Director – The Niello Company


Navigating the Complexities of a Digital Fixed-Ops Program and Deliver An Online Branded Experience To Your Customers

4:45-5:30pm Panel Discussion

Using Your Data To Identify, Segment and Market To Your Top-Value Customers

5:30-6:30pm Networking Reception


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Can’t wait to see you again!

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